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Duolingo: Two Unexpected Entrepreneurs

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

She Can Fix It

Stephanie Lopez is a woman in a man’s profession, something some men have never let her forget.

Stephanie, a mother of two, owns Woosters Garage in Weston, a small town in central Wisconsin. She named her garage after her great-great grandfather Glen Wooster, the first in a long family line of men — including her grandfather and father — who love fixing cars… a passion she inherited.

Today, Stephanie Lopez is proud to run her own garage. But her road there was bumpy, winding and full of unexpected barriers.

Silicon Valley’s Wizard of Jobs

Rahim Fazal seemed destined for a thriving career in the tech industry when the web company he co-founded as a teenager made him a millionaire overnight. 

Rahim is 38 today. His dreams of making it in Silicon Valley eventually did come true… But along the way, he noticed that not everybody was equally welcome there. The troubling question of who gets to belong in the heart of the tech world — and who doesn’t — eventually led Rahim to take the biggest leap of his career. 

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